High Performance GPU Debayer LibraryFastvideo

We can create high performance debayer library according to image processing scheme in your equipment.

GPU Debayer Library Features

  • All Bayer mosaic patterns for input data supported (RGGB, BGGR, GBRG, GRBG)
  • Input format: 8/10/12/14/16-bit input data array from CPU memory
  • Output format: 24/48-bit output data array in CPU or GPU memory
  • High quality and high speed debayer algorithms
  • Strong color moire artifacts removal
  • Interface to show processed data via OpenGL with minimum latency
  • Quality measurements according to MSE, PSNR and SSIM
  • Timing and performance measurements
  • Streams for high throughput optimization
  • Multi-GPU solutions
  • NVIDIA GPU with Compute Capability >= 3.0
  • Compatibility with Windows-7/8/10 and Linux Ubuntu/CentOS

Options for GPU Debayer Library

We can combine GPU Debayer Library with other image processing algorithms on GPU to achieve outstanding performance and high image quality. For example, it's possible to perform full image processing for color video camera on GPU. Below there are some additional algorithms / options from Fastvideo Image & Video Processing SDK which could be combined online with debayer on GPU:

  • Black Level Subtraction
  • FPN Subtraction
  • Flat-Field-Correction
  • White Balance
  • Demosaicing for standard Bayer pattern
  • Denoising
  • Resize / Rotate / Flip / Crop
  • Image Filtering
  • Color Correction
  • Data transform with LUT or gamma (10/12/14/16 bits to 8 bits per component)
  • Tone Mapping with 3D LUT (RGB, HSV)
  • DCP profile support
  • Undistortion via LCP profiles
  • Sharpening
  • OpenGL Output
  • Image scaling (piramyd levels)
  • JPEG Compression
  • JPEG2000 Compression

We also offer custom software design for fast image processing and fast image compression / decompression on NVIDIA GPUs.

Roadmap for further improvements of GPU Debayer

  • Super high quality MG debayer algorithm (average PSNR for Kodak data set is 40.7 dB) - done
  • Other debayer optimizations for Maxwell and Pascal - done
  • Integration of 16-bit high quality debayers into Fast CinemaDNG Processor software - done
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