Fast J2K Viewer on GPU for geospatial applications

Fast J2K Viewer is a fast and easy software to preview images in JPEG 2000 format (files with .jp2, .jpx, .j2k extensions). It uses GPU-based Fastvideo J2K decoder for fast decompression. That J2K viewer also supports GMLJP2 standard, which allows it to display GML info and geographic coordinates of any place under cursor via GDAL library. GPU J2K codec from Fastvideo is based on NVIDIA technology. This is full, performance-oriented implementation of J2K. We got fast J2K compression and decompression on the GPU due to parallel implementation and thorough optimization of JPEG2000 algorithm. Our J2K encoder on GPU is the fastest on the market.

System requirements

  • NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 12.1 support (compute capability 5.0–7.5)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 x64 (or newer)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6


Any supported file can be opened in Fast J2K Viewer via menu item File/Open or via drag&drop. To zoom in/out of an image use mouse wheel or keys ‘+’ and ‘–‘. To scroll zoomed image drag it using left mouse button or use cursor keys. The geographic coordinates (when available) are shown in the status bar and can be copied to the clipboard via context menu.

Menu “Image” allows to see image characteristics and compression parameters, preview or export GML info (when available), show parameters of geographic coordinate system (when available). Menu “View” allows to zoom in/out, select interpolation mode or units for coordinates.

The two arrow menu items open previous/next image in the current folder. The question mark menu item opens this webpage.

fast j2k viewer

Key Features of Fast J2K Viewer

  • Input formats: JP2, J2K, JPX
  • GMLJP2 compliance with OGC
  • Geographic coordinates computation, associated to a pixel (column, row)
  • Partial support of JPEG 2000 part 2
  • J2K decoding for grayscale and color images with arbitrary width and height
  • Lossy (wavelet CDF 9/7) and lossless (wavelet CDF 5/3) image decoding
  • Bit depth: 8-16 bits per channel
  • Number of decomposition levels: 1–12
  • Code-block size 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64
  • Chroma subsampling modes: 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0
  • Tile support
  • Window mode for JPEG2000 decoder
  • Data input: images from HDD/RAID/SSD
  • Data output: final uncompressed images on the screen
  • Optimized for the latest NVIDIA GPUs
  • Time measurements for jp2/jpx decoding
  • Compatible with 64-bit Windows-10

Test images for J2K decoding

These are images which we have utilized for J2K decoding:

Download link for Fast J2K Viewer

Roadmap for Fast J2K Viewer

  • JPX format with GMLJP2 markup (JPEG 2000 Part 2) - done
  • Geographic coordinates computation, associated to a pixel (column, row) - done
  • GDAL support - done
  • Fast J2K Player - done
  • GeoJP2 (embedded GeoTIFF) and other metadata extraction - in progress
  • Performance optimization for Fast J2K Viewer on GPU - in progress

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