XIMEA CamTool plugin for Image and Video Processing on CUDA

We are offering plugins for third-party software to create CUDA-accelerated solutions. We have implemented plagin for Ximea CamTool application to insure realtime image processing for all Ximea cameras.

XIMEA CamTool software

Pipeline for XIMEA CamTool plugin

  • Dark frame subtraction (FPN)
  • Flat-Field Correction (Shading Correction)
  • White Balance
  • High quality demosaicing
  • Wavelet-based denoising
  • Bilateral filter
  • Color Correction with matrix profile
  • 8/10/12/14/16-bit LUTs (composite or per-color component) for tone mapping
  • Color Transforms: RGB->YCbCr->RGB, RGB->HSL->RGB, etc.
  • Histograms for raw and processed data
  • Crop
  • Rotation (90/180/270 degrees) and flip/flop
  • Resize (downscale and upscale)
  • Gamma transform (composite or per-color component)
  • Sharpening
  • MJPEG compression
  • Realtime output to monitor

All the above features are designed on the basis of our CUDA image processing SDK. Now our customers have opportunity to utilize CUDA-accelerated software components in their applications as a part of video processing pipeline. Here you can find other benchmarks for our SDK.

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