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Projects in Development

Aside from developing turnkey products and customized solutions we also carry out research in the field of image and video processing, including fast JPEG/JPEG2000/Bayer/H.264/H.265 compression and decompression, image demosaicing, denoising, filtering, video processing and much more. You can find the list of completed projects below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any of them.

Open source projects from Fastvideo

Current projects

  • CUDA-11.4 support for Fastvideo SDK (Windows and Linux) - done
  • Support for IOI cameras: Volucam, Redwood, Flare, Victorem - done
  • Fast J2K Viewer - done
  • Fast image stitching on GPU with BigTIFF and OME-TIFF support for microscopy applications
  • Image processing pipeline (RAW to RGB) on Jetson for SONY IMX477 image sensor
  • High performance solution for automotive image sensors on Jetson
  • Moire suppression filter
  • MG2 demosaicing algorithm
  • Denoising for low-light applications (camera noise profile with variance stabilization transform)
  • Bilateral and NLM denoising on GPU
  • Total variation denoising on GPU
  • GPU memory manager
  • Dual gain image processing for SONY Pregius Gen4 and Gpixel image sensors
  • Interline HDR (Dual ISO) mode for CMOSIS and Gpixel image sensors
  • Local Tone Mapping on GPU for HDR images
  • Demosaicing algorithm on GPU for Quad Bayer image sensors

Applications which are based on Fastvideo SDK

FFmpeg filters and codecs from Fastvideo

Completed projects

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