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XIMEA and Fastvideo have released solution for xiB PCIe-cameras

Ximea (Germany) and Fastvideo (Russia) have released realtime imaging solution based on 20 MPix camera xiB which operates at 30 fps. The software is based on GPU image processing SDK from Fastvideo. Peak performance of that solution could reach 1.2 GPix/s. Full image processing pipeline for 12-bit image with resolution 5120x3840 can be done within 16 ms on NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan GPU.

XIMEA has designed PCIE camera – a brand new 5K custom digital camera which delivers 20 MPixel and crystal clear images at 30 frames per second. The camera’s data and control interface is fully compliant with PCI Express External Cabling Specification, which allows data throughput of more than 800 MB/sec over 300 meters, and 1.6 GB/sec over a 100 meter long cable - more than any other interface will be able to compete with. Such data transfer is needed for this model, which is based on the newest 20 MPix image sensor CMV20000 from CMOSIS. This high quality CMOS image sensor has global shutter, providing 12-bit images at an unprecedented speed. This performance can be even further improved through optional cooling. Enhancing the convenience factor, a PCIe cable interface implemented inside the camera eliminates any frame grabber needs. Image data is seamlessly delivered, and is stored right inside the PC memory, becoming immediately available for processing and encoding by CPU and/or GPU.

In order to provide users synchronization ability with external equipment and other cameras, this model is equipped with opto-isolated inputs and outputs, which are exposed from a compact and robust camera body with an industrial connector. In order to slim down footprints, both connectors are located on the bottom. The camera’s housing measures are an incredible 60 x 60 x 38 mm. XIMEA cameras offer extremely low power consumption, consisting of only 4.5W, allowing delivery through the fiberoptic cable itself and thus eliminating the need for any additional infrastructure and making integration or change even easier. This model is also equipped with an integrated interface compatible with Canon EF-mount lens, and also allows remote control of aperture, focus and zoom.

It's extremely difficult to perform realtime image processing for such a camera on CPU, so Fastvideo SDK for GPU image processing was used. Now full image processing pipeline can be done on single GPU, providing fantastic performance - up to 1.2 GPix/sec on NVIDIA GeForce GTX TItan GPU. The software takes 12-bit packed raw data from a camera and perform image acquisition, data unpacking, shading correction, base color correction, demosaicing, LUT, JPEG compression, writes compressed stream to AVI and stores it to ssd/hdd.

High performance of Fastvideo SDK is combined with high quality algorithms, especially shading correction, demosaicing and JPEG compression. There is an option to utilize raw bayer compression to achieve even higher performance, which is important for multiple camera applications. Fastvideo image processing SDK for NVIDIA GPU is available for Windows 7/8/10 and Linux for NVIDIA GPU series 400, 500, 600, 700 and 900. Demo version of SDK is available from Fastvideo.


Ximea xiB camera

Fastvideo SDK for GPU image processing

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