Fastvideo products for realtime image processing on GPU

Fastvideo is developing high quality innovative products for fast image and video processing on GPU. Taking the most from NVIDIA’s CUDA technology, we have managed to create high performance debayer, denoiser, resizer, and super fast JPEG and JPEG2000 codecs. In addition, multiple tools for realtime image processing tools on GPU are on the pre-release stage. Here you can find the full list of Fastvideo products.

The main idea behind our products is very impressive: we can win twice by offering significant improvement both in image quality and processing time. Usually people slow down the software by implementing more complicated image processing algorithms, so this is a trade-off between image quality and performance. If you utilize GPU instead of CPU for image processing applications, you will be able to be much faster than CPU and to get better image quality at the same time.

Image Processing SDK for NVIDIA GPUs

High performance codecs on NVIDIA GPU from Fastvideo SDK

Products for GPU image and video processing applications

FFmpeg codecs and filters for GPU processing and transcoding

Software for high performance web applications

Remote collaborative software for post production

GPU software for realtime camera applications (machine vision)

High performance RAW image processing on GPU

GPU software for streaming applications

  • JPEG and JPEG2000 codecs on GPU
  • JPEG XS decoder on GPU
  • High speed SD/HD-SDI and 3G/6G/12G-SDI processing
  • MXF encoding, decoding and transcoding
  • Multiview
  • FFmpeg filters and codecs on GPU

Custom Software Development

  • Custom image processing modules on GPU
  • GPU-based image processing for automotive applications
  • FFmpeg filters and codecs on GPU
  • RAW image processing software
  • Custom solutions for camera applications, digital cinema, etc.

Software products on pre-released stage

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